About us

Dogs need attention and exercise to thrive!

We are prepared to meet your pets’ needs and ensure that your pet will receive the best exercise and love. Doggoneitrun offers dog walking, running, and special care services for both dogs and cats, such as feeding, watering, potty breaks, medication administration, grooming, playtime, cat litter cleaning, and more. On our treks, we provide doggie poop bags, water, and availability via cell phone so that you can view pictures of your pet in action. We can also offer you a look at the walk/run routes that we take through Strava.

Elaine Frantz

Hello, my name is Elaine Frantz! I am a retired special education teacher and I am very excited to be a partner for Doggoneitrun. I started running at the age of 50 from 5K to Ultra distances. My best running partners are my dogs, Rudy and Duke. We love running in area parks, green spaces, and especially on our beautiful trails. When both Rudy and Duke get their daily exercise, they are much calmer and happier dogs. When I am not running, I am riding my bike, cooking, reading, and running my own Airbnb.